Tips for a kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the place where family meets and talks, where you welcome your friends and celebrations happen. It's the place where memories are made.

You want your kitchen to be exactly as you dreamed of: functional, comfortable and beautiful. But where to start?

Here are some tips and suggestions on kitchen design, layouts, colour that will help you to select all the elements which define your own personal space.

Whether it's modern, classic or rustic, your kitchen can be designed to meet your needs and look beautiful, too.

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    Layout options

    Depends on a shape of the room, but most kitchens are organized according to four basic kitchen layouts: U-shape, L-shape, G-shape and galley kitchens, plus various combinations of each.

    U-shape kitchens

    have two "legs" of equal length, so the cooker and fridge are opposite each other and the three appliances are equal distances apart. This shape works well in a kitchen that's nearly square or in a kitchen where you want to tightly define one end of a larger space as the basic work area, with an island set in the open end of the “U”.

    L-shape kitchens

    have one long "leg" housing two of the three basic appliances (range, fridge, sink) and one short "leg" housing the other. Often, the fridge is at one end of the long leg of the "L," the sink is toward the centre of the same wall, and the stove is perpendicular, on the short leg of the "L." This setup is well-suited to a large room where the kitchen shares space with a living room.

    G-shape kitchens

    are L- or U-shaped with an added peninsula partly separating the work area from an adjoining breakfast area or a living room. A two-cook version might have an extended peninsula and two cooking areas - one for an oven and one for a cooktop, both with access to a shared fridge and sink.

    Island layouts

    combine an L shape of units with a central island. The island can be used solely for food preparation, or can be home to the hob, under-counter fridge or sink. This option requires a reasonable amount of space, so it's a good choice for knocked-through spaces.

    Corridor or galley-shape

    kitchens, sometimes called step-saver kitchens, have the cooker and sink on one wall, a fridge directly opposite, and a narrow walkway in between. Useful for very small spaces, this shape is most at risk for disruption if a main traffic lane is through the work area.

    But of course the first step is to precisely measure the room, where you are planning to have a kitchen. Significantly important is to define where you need water or electricity in your kitchen. We suggest you to contact our adviser in your country, they will be happy to help you in planning your dream kitchen.

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    Colours inspire us each and every day, and this is especially true in the kitchen. Let your kitchen to be the reflection of your style and the reason for your wellbeing. By choosing the right colour you have to consider the daylight, analyse the room, and layout of the kitchen.

    At Arosa we have prepared for you a wide range of colours. We are convinced that among those, there is the right colour for you.

    If you dare, combine two colours – this way you get a unique, singular dimension of images.

    Arosa colours

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    Little details

    Door handles and knobs

    Kitchen door handles and knobs are little things that will make your kitchen special and different. You can select from variety of options and styles.

    Wall panels

    Extend your style to every surface with our wall panels. They’re easy to clean and protect your walls from splashes and flying bits of food when you’re cooking dinner.


    Our kitchen worktops are a mixture of different styles and materials. Your kitchen worktop endures a lot of use, it should be above all practical, but that doesn't mean it can't be aesthetically pleasing as well. It's important to strike that perfect balance is between style and function. Consider all the materials — everything from high-end marble, granite and stone to budget-friendly laminate and tile — and decide which one is the right for you.