Tips for a bathroom

The bathroom is the place, where your day starts. It must be pleasant, warm and inspiring. In fact, the bathroom might be the only room in the house where you can escape from the daily stress and worries. It is the temple of relaxation, your own private wellness centre. But only, if you make it so.

What do you have to think about, when you choose bathroom furniture?

Learn how to choose the right materials, style and size for furniture that fits your bathroom and works for your needs

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    Layout options

    Plan an Efficient Layout: don’t forget about plumbing drains, water lines, vent stacks and place the furniture according to these requirements. 

    The vanity cabinet is possibly the biggest cabinet in a bathroom. Inserted into the counter top is the sink. Kateri umivalnik mi ustreza? Izbira različnih dimenzij ter oblik, skupaj s pripadajočimi podumivalniškimi elementi, je pestra in predstavlja osnovo za načrtovanje kopalniškega ambienta. In the case of a larger vanity, there may be space for two bathroom sinks. 

    Adding wall units gives you additional storage opportunities. Ogledalo ali omarica z ogledalom? If you choose to attach the mirror surfaces to the front of the unit, you make it suitable for hanging above the bathroom sink. You can also add towel bars below the shelves and gain additional functionality.

    Room usage: cabinet doors can hide the plumbing below the sinks. The top of the vanity holds items for daily use such as toothbrushes, soap dishes, hand towels, or hairbrushes.

    Below the vanity is storage for towels, toilet paper, and sometimes cleaning products.

    For whom it is: the amount of traffic the bathroom experiences determines the size and number of elements in your bathroom. For example, a bathroom used by multiple family members obviously experiences greater cabinet usage than a bathroom for visitors or guests.

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    Determine style: contemporary designs work together with modern bathroom fixtures to form a bathroom that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing modern-day taste. Old-fashioned style elements create a look that may complement old-world fixtures and perhaps even a claw foot bathtub. 

    Arosa colours: inspire yourself - colours of visible surfaces complete the whole room. Selection of many colours and decors fulfill even the most demanding wishes and it gives you the option to design the bathroom exactly as you expect it. 

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    Little details

    Choose the Right Sink: before you invest in bathroom sinks, think about how often the sinks will be used and by whom. Remember that every time you wash your hands, water will drip as you turn off the tap and reach for the towel.

    Functionality: Doors or drawers? Treat yourself to more intimacy and get yourself enough of your own space, which drawers can offer you. 

    Design a Bathroom Lighting Plan: ideally you should have wall-mount lights at each side of the mirror at about eye level, with a third light above the mirror. 

    Arosa door handles