Personal. Private. Special.

Where the first ideas of the day are being born, where the images have not yet put on their masks, it is where it all begins. In an embrace of watery pleasures, in a room of relaxing intimacy. The bathroom is the only place where we really be what we want to be. Creative, unique, relaxed, elegant, classical, modern or balanced combination of it all. Like a Arosa bathroom which, using its palette of styles, always composes a mirror of our personality.

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    Harmonised. Perfect.

    From ceramic tiles, sanitary were, sanitary were, to the very last detail of the bathroom furniture. Create the perfection of matching colours and shapes.

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    Guaranteed. Clean.

    Trust the evidence. Sanitary were prides itself in the Sanitized® certificate, which guarantees long lasting antibacterial protection.

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    Selected. Eternal.

    Only components of the highest quality are used in the production of the Arosa sanitary were. This is a long service life and allows easy care.

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    Perfect. Experienced.

    In three decades of development and experience, we have gained expertise to create perfect bathroom space.