Arosa is an international team of experts whose main passion is to build a unique harmony of details, style and personalization of kitchens and bathrooms for each single user.

Arosa's kitchens and bathrooms with heart and soul are

With a unique range of possible combinations of different colours, materials and accessories Arosa helps you to make your home your own. Just the way you wanted.

Excellent quality for an acceptable price makes this unique rainbow of products accessible to everyone. Arosa continuously invests in technology, new designs and 

growth of variety of products. Customer focus and delivering outstanding customer service is the company's top priority.

Let the kitchen be the place where family meets, let the bathroom be the inspiration for a fresh start in a new day! This is what we believe and what we strive for.

Basic data about Arosa

Title Arosa Mobilia d.o.o.
Address Limbuška cesta 2, 2341 Limbuš, Slovenia
Telephone ++386 2 429 4400
Fax ++386 2 429 4420
Tradition of production Since 1962
ManagerPomberg Mirko
VAT No 35381329
ID No 6167721000